Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 nearing it`s end

Hello my friends,
this year has gone quite quickly.
We have had a busy month with little family staying
at weekends and now the Christmas to New Year for 10 days.
The last few days I came down with a tummy bug.
Not nice:(
Thank you Chookyblue for having SSCS 2016.
I sent my gifts to Tracy:
This table topper ,a cute Xmas cushion and of course 
a ornament of a snowman with a Koala bear .

My gift sent to me was this table runner with silver border and binding
from Lisa. 

Some of my other gifts where:
This sewing machine pad, herbal tea and Santa ornament
from my friend Kath.
I do like Log Cabin pattern.
I hope to make next year a curved Log Cabin quilt.

A close up of Santa ornament on my tree.

One of my sisters swap gifts with me. This year we decided on
an ornament:
I really love mine. :)

And a kitted project to work on.
The fabric was part of the wrapping but to be used as borders.
Cottage Garden Threads :Mistletoe,
Rosalie Quinlan pre-printed linen/pattern with 
backing for stitching. :)
This is on my to do list.

Katrina gave me a lovely Angels ornament no photo yet.
Plus these : Lizzie Kate `Joy to the World` pattern with
fabric and little button,stitched cushion, stitched bird ornament
and a lovely zipped bag.  

One of my no blogger friends asked me to quilt this lovely
wall hanging for her . She was pleased with the finished piece.

Before I got sick I stitched this,
hope to make up as a star once little family goes home on the 2nd.

Have a good evening my friends.
With a baby in the house we will be heading to bed before 
midnight. :)
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Surprise

Hello my friends.
I  won the draw at Delbrook.
Christine had taken a group of ladies to USA.
This was like I had joined them :)

These are all the goodies in the bag.
Three patterns,
pincushion,magnet and buttons.
`Orphan Train of Memories` charm pack.
French General Embroidery Sampler, ruler
and Precision cut Jordan Fabrics 12 block 
Log Cabin Quilt. Ready to sew. Finished size 29"x 39".
Feel so blessed. 

I went in to look around and found this.

So love Blackbird Designs fabrics and stitching patterns.
Not sure what this will make as yet with this fat 1/4 bundle. :)
Sewing time in the New Year after little family goes home.

When I went to the counter was when Christine handed me the bag and explained.

Tillie in a hunting mood on top of tree hut roof. No way is she going to get these little birds
while in the nest.
Thank you for visiting.
Happy Stitching,

Monday, 5 December 2016

Parcels came

Hello my friends.
SSCS parcels came for me.

Lovely ornaments.

Bringing wind up, Ezekiel at 3 months.
Gamma time. :)

Our three delightful grandchildren.

Time to go till next time.
Happy Stitching.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Caught the Sleigh in time

Hello my friends,
Christmas parcels are being sent.
Caught the Sleigh in time for SSCS with Chookyblue.
My parcel to my swap parcel went Wednesday.
Safe travels.

This is my parcel just before I addressed it and took it to the counter
for mailing.

Third block of  Delbrook quilt.
Well best get on as little family coming this weekend.
A few of my patchwork boxes to put away and a bed
to make.
Plus a cord to make for a ornament finish.
Then that parcel can be sent.
Another to be ticked off the list.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Belated gifts

Hello my friends,
with Ezekiel`s birth and that little family staying with us for over 5 weeks,
not much stitching was done.
Hence YD didn`t get her birthday gifts on time.
When she came a few days ago we gave them to her .
She was so excited they where hers. :)

I stitched this cute design from 
Stoney Creek Cross Stitching Spring 2015 magazine,
page 52.

I used suggested threads on 28 count Antique White linen.
Then framed it myself with foam acid free board.

With this owl fabric I made this toilet roll holder .
This is lined with black homespun.

A peg bag,shown on my trolly.
I sew the straps this way as the don`t seem to slip off.

Our little family.

Our daughter-in-law breast feeds with bottle top ups.
This our first born with his first born. 

Play time.
Ezekiel`s now 12 lbs 3ozs,
62 cms (24 1/4")
@ 2 1/2 months.

Tilly looks like she`s slid down the turned over play mat,
but only sleeping against it.:)

Well must get back to my secret stitching/sewing.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Silver needles and some nice mail

Hello my friends,
I have joined Chookyblue`s SSCS again this year.
Some secret stitching going on but 
I will show other stitching today. :)

DMC E168 Silver I used for needles instead of 
DMC E436 Antique metallic thread. 

A little more stitching on this LHN  project.

I joined again with The Silver Needles 
`A Little Help from Our Friends`
Stitching Circle.
Plum Street Samplers is the first with:
Fraktur Friends pretty cushion.

The kit came with everything to make and finish,
plus these lovely pins.

Today's mail brought this lovely kit. 

Included in the kit with fabric and threads is this
amazing needle holder custom made by Jennifer West.

A close up of the flowers.
The top with a pink centre,the bottom a lovely lavender shade. 

On the back is this tiny but cute ladybird.

Once my Christmas projects complete I know a few stitching
projects that I will carry on with and these two will join them.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Found time to stitch

Hello my friends.
I have found time to stitch,
with a little help from Tillie! :)

This part 1 of `Quaker Family Sampler`.
I have joined a group of ladies at
Heirloom`s  with Sherelyn.
We meet once a month for stitch and chat time.

Ezekiel now at 7 weeks,trying to roll.

Our little family, after staying with us for 5 weeks 
have gone back to Hastings. Hopefully back in their flat soon.
I miss the little guy but not the broken nights.

Block 1 of another $25 quilt at Delbrook,
this time `French General` for colour way.

Happy Stitching,